Modern Methods of Construction
18th- April 2024 | Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown

Register for this free event to hear from experts in all aspects of Modern Methods of Construction. The event is co located with the National Construction Summit.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) describes an approach to constructing buildings using methods such as off-site manufacturing, modular construction panels or light steel framing, structural insulated panels or cross-laminated timber. Off-site manufacture minimises environmental impact and disruption on-site and products can be more easily tested to the relevant standards which significantly increases product improvements including sustainability and energy efficiency.

The definition framework identifies the following seven MMC categories:
Category 1 – Pre-Manufacturing - 3D primary structural systems
Category 2 – Pre-Manufacturing - 2D primary structural systems
Category 3 – Pre-Manufacturing - Non systemised structural components
Category 4 – Pre-Manufacturing - Additive manufacturing and/or 3D printing
Category 5 – Pre-Manufacturing – Non-structural assemblies and sub-assemblies
Category 6 – Traditional building product led site labour reduction/productivity improvements
Category 7 – Site process led labour reduction/productivity improvements

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is the future of construction in Ireland and will increase modular and offsite manufacturing to higher standards of design, fabrication, testing, and certification. The cost benefits of a centralised MMC and Demonstration Park supported by a research and innovation centre (Construction Technology Innovation Centre) to the state will also significantly contribute to the regional dispersal of employment opportunities and the financial viability of a diverse ecosystem of supply and manufacturing enterprises, for Offsite Fabrication (OSM)/modular construction solutions.

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